Coston Cross was born November 24, on a Sunday evening when a new program was airing for the first time called Hot Country Nights. No one realizing at the time how this was just the beginning of his love of country music. By age 3 he would be singing and entertaining at all family gatherings as if he was Garth Brooks, and it didn’t stop there. By the age of 7 he would be on-stage singing country music at the school’s talent show.

    Recognizing Coston had undeniably a talent in music; his parents supported and encouraged him. Throughout his earlier years he would enter various competitions, perform at local events, and begin to take guitar lessons. During his high school years he would spend hours each day singing and playing the guitar but his skills just would continue to grow. He began writing songs and recording in local studios, as well as, getting a couple of his friends together to start a band.

  Coston continuously uses all his life experiences and the influences of Garth Brooks, George Strait, George Jones, and Chris LeDoux to shape his own style. He explains “growing up all I have ever wanted was to perform. My head would fill with words, chords and melody and I would sit for hours to make it all come alive".

    There is one memorable highlight that Coston will carry with him forever. He was asked to sing during the morning service while the Vietnam Moving Wall made its stop in his local town. During his performance while looking out into the crowd that had gathered he was humbled seeing the veterans and realizing their sacrifice. Not only did he go home that day and knew he had to write a song to commemorate our veterans he also helps with many fundraising events to help those that have served our country or their families.

    Coston is continuing to grow beyond his small community. He released his first studio album "Red Lights & Blue Lights" in 2014. "City Limits" his follow up album will be released in January 2018. Coston says, “There is a lot of stuff happening with my music right now and I find it exciting. This is something I have always wanted. My hope is to create music people relate to”.

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"It's time we take Country Music back, it's not about the trucks or the money, it's about the story"