Coston Cross walked on stage for the first time close to two decades ago, and he never looked back. It was just the beginning, and no one knew where it would lead. From school talent shows, to singing in competitions, then finally traveling with his band, he has taken the slow and steady approach.

During the early years the influences of artists like Garth Brooks, George Strait, and Chris LeDoux played an important role. “I spent many hours as a kid in the back of a dually listening to those guys. That smoothness Strait had and those cowboy songs of LeDoux really drew me in as a kid, but then there was Garth. That level of energy really spoke to the five year old me.” Cross said with a laugh.

Now all these years later you can see those influences every night his boots hit the stage. With songs like “Out the Door” and “Let Me”, he delivers a song for everyone. “You know, I write my songs thinking about how they will go over live. If you need to laugh, cry, or dance, I want to be able to deliver that connection to my fans.” Coston’s new album “City Limits” does just that!

His first album had those familiar sounds of fiddle and steel guitar, that can be heard on the title track “Red Light & Blue Lights.” With the follow up album “City Limits,” he went at it with a different approach. He says, “I really wanted to strip it down. I want the fans to hear it and be able to walk away from the show thinking it sounded like the album. That was really important for me.” Paying homage to his time showing cattle, he wrote “Wild and Crazy Ride.” It is the up-beat romance of summer nights across the country on the album.

Writing all ten songs on the album has really brought something unique to the table. “I write all my own music, it's all connected to the story of my life. I don’t have people writing songs for me or any co-writers, it's just me and my guitar and that's something I’m really proud of,” Coston says. “I want to keep the sincerity that country music has always had and I think that the fans connect to that.”